Our Skill

Our skills

Quality, reliability, durability and compact are the criteria to be met by each Irdam product . To achieve this, the strategy of development and production concentrates around three main points:

 a team of engineers and highly skilled technician
• a close partnership with universities and engineering schools
• efficient production facilities and testing

Our partners

The Lake Geneva area is home to universities world knowd for their sense of innovation and technical expertise. Working with these institutions for high-tech design allows IRDAM products to be performant  and at the forefront of progress.

Our team

We always believed in the added value given by a highly qualified team. Our staff is comprised of engineers and technicians with years of experience, and IRDAM achieve its unique expertise in the development and production of quality weather systems tailored to customer needs. Therefore IRDAM has been recognized for more than 25 years as a reliable partner offering quality products.

Our installations

Each IRDAM product is individually tested before leaving the factory. To guarantee its customers the most reliable products,  IRDAM production uses calibrated reference instruments, developed in partnership with universities for engineering.