Meteonet Mono and Multi Software

 « METEONET MONO » software

Display and storage on PC of the values measured and processed by the IRDAM weather sensor. Data are available in graphic or text mode. For Windows 2000, XP or Vista.

  Examples of screen capture:Meteonet Mono and Multi Software

  Screen with on-line data’s and refreshing every 200 ms





Meteonet Mono and Multi Software  Meteonet Mono and Multi Software

Day to day selection and graphics on 24 hours

Meteonet Mono and Multi Software

Data base under ACCESS for statistics.


 « METEONET MULTI » software

The METEONET software is installed on a PC and connected to your LAN/ Intranet installation. This soft ware is needed to see all information from more than one weather station IRDAM. (Up to 8 on the same screen) METEONET therefore allows also to see the measures in right and same time and on any PC connected to the WEB Intranet through a LAN.  METEONET register all information received from the different stations under ACCESS format. The user can also use the information for applications such as:

–          Sending of meteorological data on Internet page.

–          Statistics reports and application under ACCESS

–          Alarm statistics when use with GEPAL

Meteonet Mono and Multi Software

Meteonet Mono and Multi Software