METEONET SoftwareMeteorological parameters can impact the safety of workers and the performance and security of outdoor equipment used for Fire Fighting, Construction, Ports, Chemical and other industrial facilities.     

Accurate and easily obtainable meteorological parameters are also important for managing Wind Turbines, Mountain Passes and High Bridge vehicle traffic, sky lifts and other roapway carriers, Building maintenance, Rescue operations and many other civilian services like Fire rescue, Civilian Services etc...

With the weather sensors from IRDAM in fix locations or mobile applications, parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, air pressure and others, are measured continuously. Having this site specific information, allows time to alert equipment operators, fire and rescue officials and others of a potentially dangerous condition. Knowing the real time, and actual weather conditions at the designated location, can help to avoid accidents, protect valuable equipment and most importantly help to save lives.  and can secure facilities, planning interventions or manage alarms.

Knowing the environment and the actual weather conditions can avoid accidents and save lives.