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The spread or the evaporation of combat toxics, the trajectories of medium and large sizes ammunitions can be affected by wind (cross and side wind), humidity, atmospheric pressure and temperature. IRDAM developed a highly accurate and rugged sensor for the purpose to provide military personnel critical weather data regardless of the location of the military personnel.

IRDAM developed a special series MAWS (Military Automatic Weather Sensor) to meet the rigid demands of the military. The IRDAM MAWS series 6056 collects and measures wind (cross and side wind), humidity, atmospheric pressure and temperature.  Knowing these values armor divisions can  increase shooting accuracy and NBC / CBRN alarms can be quickly activated.

The IRDAM MAWS series includes six different models. Choosing the right model depends on your specific needs and at IRDAM, we are committed to assist you in your decision to make certain you choose the model that provides your military personnel weather data that impacts their ability to perform their duties quickly, precisely and safely. The key decision is whether your personnel need a MAWS with an integrated compass, GPS capable and the ability to measure relative humidity

Key points :

  • Built to withstand MIL-STD 810 F and 461 F norms
  • Factory warranty of 3 years (possibility of extending the factory warranty for 3, 6 or 9 additional years with a total of 12 years)
  • Easy decontamination (15 minutes to replace the sensitive elements, without opening the sensor)
  • Individual tests report on delivery