Automatic building control system BMS


 A dedicated solution to the Building Management


The weather sensor WST6000GTB is an essential part of any automated energy saving system dedicated to building automation. This sturdy  device measures in a permanent way :
  • the wind speed
  • the wind direction
  • the ambient air temperature
  • the atmospheric pressure
  • the relative humidity
  • calculation of dew point
  • solar radiation incident on each facade of the building
  • external light intensity

The high precision weather sensor WST6000GTB answers quickly the variations of wind and measures from the slightest breath. The measurements provided by the weather sensor are transmitted by a MODBUS RTU protocol on RS-485 or interface TCP-IP Ethernet on request. With four integrated pyranometers, the WST6000GTB provides direct measures of the strength of solar radiation with its angle of incidence on each façade. This ensures an entire consideration of solar energy incident on the building of the summer to the winter solstice.

 Measures needed for effective management :

  • Measurement of sunshine on each facade 
  • Measurement of external luminosity
  • All sensors are integrated into one solid unit 
  • Resistant to harsh environments
  • Threshold wind measurement from 0 m/s
  • Easy installation and a single connector input/output
  • Modbus RTU

Other benefits ...

  • High reliability and high precision
  • Permanent buit-in test
  • No moving parts
  • Compatible with modern communication networks 



Weather sensor for building management

0 - 70 m/s
- 40  - + 60 C°
300 -1100 hPa
0 - 100 % HR
5-150000 lx
4 x 0-1400 W/m2
Modbus RTU / RS-485

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PWR 24

Power Supply Module
240 VAC to 24VDC
50 or 60 Hz
50 W

Converter AC/DC 24V / 2,5A
Converter RS-485 / RS-232

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Water tight power supply box

100VAC to 240VAC
50Hz or 60Hz

Converter AC/DC 48V / 10 A
300 X 300 X 200

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Software for Meteonet mono and multi

Software for PC and LAN /Intranet showing the measured data's from IRDAM weather sensors

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